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Pro Grade Sports Netting is the premier manufacturer of barrier netting systems in the USA.  We can design, manufacture and install barrier netting systems for any purpose.  Whether you need a barrier netting system to prevent baseballs, softballs, soccer or lacrosse balls from flying into and injuring spectators, or from flying into a parking lot, roadway, buildings or other property, Pro Grade Sports Netting can design, manufacture and install a barrier netting system that will eliminate or substantially reduce the risk.


Pro Grade Sports Netting can build golf barrier netting systems from 10 to 150 feet above the surface.  We offer 2 weights of golf netting.  We offer wood or steel support poles.  Our installation crews take pride in installing an aesthetically pleasing golf barrier netting system.  


If you need netting replacement for your practice range, Pro Grade Sports Netting can manufacture netting to any dimensions.  We can install the replacement netting or provide you with rope bordered netting ready for installation.


Pro Grade Sports Netting manufactures, in house, 1 1/2" -  3" thick vinyl covered foam wall padding with plywood back. We also manufacture custom size padding for backstop bases, support poles, gym walls, etc.  Choice of vinyl colors and custom printing available.


Pro Grade Sports Netting fabricates any netting support structures and we send out our own crews for installation to ensure that your netting system will be safe, aesthetically pleasing and perform the way in which it was designed.


No project is too big or too small.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Please contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need: design sketches, budget estimates, project timelines, to help you make an informed decision.  No obligation!

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"I walked the entire range this morning and looked at the finished product from standing on the tee all the way down to standing directly at the base. I walked from end to end then back. It's rare to see such attention to detail, fit, and finish. I found the tension of this new net consistent all the way across. The triangular hooks used to secure the net to the new cables were perfectly spaced and plentiful. The work area was left in very good shape considering all the heavy machinery used during the project. Pro Grade Sports Netting certainly represented the work to be done right on the mark, thank you very much". 


The above from Arnie Glickman, PGA Professional, Briarwood CC

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