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"Pro Grade Sports Netting makes the best field screens for baseball on the market. They have great customer service! Don’t make the same mistake I did. Have them assemble the field screens at their warehouse. It is worth the additional cost. GREAT company to work with"!


Patrick Bailey

Assistant Baseball Coach

Oregon State University

2006 & 2007 NCAA Division 1 National Champions

Need we say anymore?


Pro Grade Sports Netting manufactures field screens with one thing in mind...ultimate protection for the player.  Please note the photos below of the screens we offer.  You can see that our screens are very rugged and built to last for years. We use 1 3/4" galvanized steel pipe in all of our screens.  The options for each screen include multiple netting choices, vinyl covered foam pad, wheel kit with steel wheel covers and in house welding of the screen.  We can ship the screens broken down, but as you can see above, the screens are better coming to you already welded and ready to go.


Pro Grade Sports Netting can also manufacture a screen to any shape and size. We offer 4 netting weights for all of the screens.  If you're behind the screen, you're going to want K96 weight netting in the screen.  It's the heaviest weight netting we have to offer and it will outlast any other netting.  Please click on our replacement netting page to see photos of the different weights of netting we have to offer.


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Try Pro Grade Sports Netting screens and you won't buy your screens elsewhere again.


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Various Sizes / Hip Protector / Padded / Wheels with Steel Protectors

Softball C Screen / Padded

Various Sizes / Wheels with Steel Protectors

Field Screens / Various Sizes / Stationary or Wheeled

Padded Soft Toss

The "Pitching Trainer" is specifically designed to allow pitchers to throw pitches without the need for a catcher.  The Pitching Trainer is actually better than pitching to a catcher. The Pitching Trainer will aid the pitcher in focusing on the different pitching zones.  After using the Pitching Trainer, the pitcher will find it easier to visualize the location for a pitch; up, down, in, out.  Bungee cord "zones" are movable and the K96 netting is the heaviest weight we manufacture. The netting has a pocket to catch the pitches.  This is the ultimate Pitching Trainer.

The "Portable Infielder" will enable the outfielders to work on throws to the various bases.  Infielders can practice throws to a base for double plays, pitchers for pickoffs to each base and catchers throwing to the various bases.  The Portable Infielder fits into the base plug.  It is made with a 1/2" cold rolled steel frame.  The head of the Portable Infielder is 30 inches x 30 inches.  It is height adjustable and will rotate 360 degrees. The netting pocket is K96 netting, our heaviest weight netting. This is a great device to allow players to sharpen their focus when throwing to a base.

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