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Custom Batting Cages

Pro Grade Sports Netting is committed to making the finest, most flexible custom batting cages available.  Pro Grade Sports Netting will design, manufacture and install the best batting cages for your intended space.  


Please notice that the roofs of our cages are flat across.  The ceiling net does not sag into the cage.  When we build a batting cage that is 12 feet high, it is 12 feet high inside the cage.  We use only the finest materials and we offer 6 weights of netting to make sure that you are getting the best cage net for your batting cages.


Pro Grade Sports Netting fabricates any netting support structures and we send out our own crews for installation to ensure that your batting cages will be safe, aesthetically pleasing and perform the way in which it was designed.


No project is too big or too small.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need: design sketches, budget estimates, project timelines, to help you make an informed decision. No Obligation!

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The batting cage system we manufactured and installed for Elite Sports Performance is a great batting cage design.  This batting cage is 42 feet wide x 12 feet high x 65 feet long.  There are 2 divider nets that run the length of the batting cage at 14 foot intervals, 65 feet long x 12 feet high.  The divider nets are on the Unistrut track system, which utilizes stainless steel ball bearing trolleys.  The Unistriut track system makes it very easy to push back (like a shower curtain) or draw the divider nets.  When the divider nets are drawn, Elite Sports Perfoarmance has 3 batting cages that are 14 feet wide x 65 feet long x 12 feet high.  When the divider nets are pushed back, they have a net enclosed space that is 42 feet wide x 65 feet long x 12 feet high.

"I highly recommend the batting cage configuration and K96 netting we received from Pro Grade Sports Netting.  We constantly receive rave reviews about our batting cages from our customers and the ability to unzip the batting cages to create one giant cage gives us even more functionality.  We feel the high quality of these batting cages is a huge customer draw to our facility and we couldn't be happier with the end product." - Mark Dalesandro, co-owner Elite Sports Performance (Oswego, IL)


"ESP received 1st class service from Pro Grade Sports Netting.  Their recommendation of K96 netting and the cage structure was awesome.  They met their implementation timelines and we couldn't be happier with the end product." - Tadd Gibson, co-owner Elite Sports Performance (Oswego, IL)

We ordered 2 -  #96 weight batting cages from Pro Grade Sports Netting and we couldn’t be happier with the purchase we made in 2009.  The K96 netting is worth it's weight in gold.  Our batting cage netting is hole-free and I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.  We will, without a doubt, be purchasing all netting from Pro Grade Sports Netting in the future.  Your people are always friendly and prompt on questions or issues.”


Scott Thomason
Athletic Facility Operations
Univ. of Central Missouri


“The batting cage system that Pro Grade Sports Netting built for us is great!  I have nothing but positives to say about it.  The batting cages are better than I expected.  I love them”!


The above from Coach Patrick McGaha of Harding University.  December 2012.

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