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Cable-Suspended Backstops

Pro Grade Sports Netting specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of the finest custom, professional grade Cable-Suspended Backstops.  The advantage of a cable-suspended backstop is there are no netting support poles obstructing any spectator views.  A cable-suspended backstop also aids in recruiting new players to your program.  Prospective players will be more impressed with a cable-suspended backstop as opposed to a chain-link backstop.  A cable-suspended backstop will transform your ball park.  


Pro Grade Sports Netting manufactures all of our netting in the USA.  We offer 4 different weights of netting specifically designed for cable-suspended backstops.    Pro Grade Sports Netting also fabricates any netting support structures and we send out our own crews for installation.  Proper installation of a cable-suspended backstop requires an experienced installation crew. This isn't just a matter of sticking poles in the ground and hanging cable and netting. Proper tension on the support cables is essential in order to get the netting to perform the way in which it was designed.  We feel our installation crews are the best in the world and we take pride in installing a cable suspended backstop that will be safe and aesthetically pleasing.


Pro Grade Sports Netting incorporates the finest quality materials.  Because we manufacture our own netting, we are able to maintain tight control over the quality of the netting we produce.   By using steel netting support cables instead of synthetic yarn cables, our backstop netting will not sag or tighten as the temperature changes.  All of our netting is latex weather treated for abrasion and UV protection.


Pro Grade Sports Netting will design, manufacture and install a new custom, professional grade cable-suspended backstop that will transform your ball park.


Simply put,  Pro Grade Sports Netting designs, manufactures and installs the finest custom, professional grade cable-suspended backstops available. 


No project is too big or too small.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Please contact us and we will provide you all the information you need: design sketches, budget estimates and project timelines, to help you make an informed decision.  No Obligation!


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MSU view from Centerfield

Upper Iowa U Before A New Backstop

Upper Iowa U After A New


The backstop is in place.

The backstop is in place here also

New Cable Susupended Backstop & Printed padding

Home of the Wildkits

Home of the Kansas City Royals

Home of the Normal Cornbelters & Heartland Community College

“We are thrilled with the job Pro Grade Sports Netting did on our new backstop. The workmanship and quality are first-rate. We have had many positive comments from our fans. I highly recommend Pro Grade.”


Steve Farley, Head Baseball Coach

Butler University

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